Saturday, March 22, 2008

Typical Saturday Morning

We are doing well. I got to sleep in a little (till 730 am) on my day off! We have a lot to do but a typical Saturday involves- cinnamon rolls, James working out in the yard- the dogs going crazy and our new garden. James planted a bunch of tomatoes, onions, sweet basil, zucchini and more last weekend! Here's some flowers that he planted months ago that are still thriving! The lavender we planted last year and it's still alive and well!


Norm, Florence, Alex, Marissa & Jace said...

The garden looks great.
I started a garden here as well, trying tomatoes, dill, oregano, etc. The soil is nice and it rains so the watering required is minimal.
We have a nursery real close by, Growing Greens, who have strawberry plants on sale so I am going to give that a try too.

Sara said...

7:30 huh...Director must be getting kinder in his old age ;-)Miss you guys!!